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"Youth Making a Difference"

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The Young Muslim Donors


   Help in Promoting Muslims' Needs Everywhere.

Good  businessmen are those who truly fear Allah in their hearts and who will never miss their prayer"

YMD-Youth Making a Difference

Young Muslim Donors is inviting all Youngsters and elderly community to join its Team...
We are planning on forming Communities in the following areas Mpingwe, Mudi, Kanjedza, Limbe CBD, I.T.G, BCA and in Blantyre Area as of now.
As Youngsters we can play a good role in helping the people in need, orphans, old aged people and others.
Please come forward and join this noble cause.
Check our videos on YouTube search Young Muslim Donors
Register your name with your contact details.
Can be sent by text on 0999247786 or email

For more information, contact us on

"Young Muslim Donors"


Young Muslims donors, a social workers’ group of Muslim youngsters, have been visiting some prisons in the country to donate items for use in the month of Ramadan.

The group, chaired by Yunus Karolia, visited Chichiri and Zomba Maximum prisons where they presented hampers to their fellow Muslims.

“Last Sunday, we visited Zomba Maximum Prison after visiting Chichiri prison and gave out 445 hampers consisting of cooking oil, dates, rice, maize flour, kitchen salt, soap and clothes. We want them to eat something after breaking the fasting at night.

“At Chichiri prison we gave out 120 blankets, exercise and literature books as well as loaves of bread. It is our desire and prayer that this prison project continues and we are also taking on board orphans’ project,” said Karolia.

He asked Muslim youngsters to join the group and help with the charity work for the benefit of the less privileged.

___________________________________________________________________PRISON PRISON PROJECT

Young Muslim Donors would like to
invite all youngsters to be part of its Prison Project, Our aim is to help our Muslim brothers and sisters with iftar packs, food items, old clothes, stationary for the Madressa, even Islamic Literature for the Library.

For more details Contact Yunus on
0999 247 786
‘’Youth Making a Difference’’

Organizational Structure

The Young Muslim Donors is situated at Limbe. It is anon-profit-making rganization which focuses on fighting poverty, orphanage, visiting the old, sick and more

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